Everyone who has a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Authorisation must have a representative.

The supervisory body (council) will make sure you get a representative.

A representative is a person who does not work with you. They visit you and check you are looked after in a way that means you are safe. Your representative could be a member of your family or a friend. If you or anyone else is unhappy about you being deprived of your liberty, they can ask for a review. A review is a check to make sure that you are being treated in the right way. If you do not have friends or family to be your representative the council will ask for a Paid Relevant Person Representative to visit you.

You or your representative or your managing authority (care home) can ask for a review. There will also be a review if your situation changes. If you or your representative disagree about you being deprived of your liberty, you can ask a special court called the Court of Protection to decide whether you should be deprived of your liberty or not.