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What do we do at Adapt (NE)?

Adapt (NE) is a registered charity, a company limited by guarantee and a social enterprise which is managed by a Trustee Board of volunteers with a wide range of areas of expertise. We are a community-based organisation providing services to people in North East England with the aim of promoting an inclusive society.

We aim to improve the quality of life of disabled people who have sensory, physical and learning disabilities or mental health problems; also people who are disadvantaged in being able to access services because they live in a rural location.

To become more self-reliant, we have developed a range of services, including provision of an enterprise hub and community cafe, whilst still holding on to our primary aims.

By using our services, other organisations are assured of quality attention whilst at the same time as helping us in our work.

Latest news

Healthwatch Northumberland annual report 2024

The value of listening: Healthwatch Northumberland Annual Report 2023-24

Healthwatch Northumberland is our local, independent health and social care champion. Adapt (NE) have delivered the Healthwatch function for Northumberland since it began in 2013. This year over 12,000 people shared their experiences of health…

Hexham audio book group

The audio book group is a free, friendly group for anyone who has difficulty reading, due to visual impairments or other challenges. The group meets at Hexham Library in the Queen's Hall on the last Thursday of the month (except August),…
Getabout volunteer drivers

Could you be a Getabout volunteer driver?

Would you like to make a difference to your community? We're looking for drivers to help deliver the Getabout scheme. What is a Getabout volunteer? Volunteers help people access services by taking them in their own car to appointments,…